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Marketing simplified.

KAORI helps businesses transform into brands that leave a legacy.

At KAORI, we believe in the power of small businesses. We know that each daily action can make an impact. That's why we take care of the small details and work with you to create a step-by-step blueprint for success.

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"I love meaningful experiences that transform the way we see the world. Life can feel bleak at times, so if I can inspire one person to do what they love to do, then I’ve done my job.”

- Denise Cohen, KAORI founder

Our Story

Our *virtual* doors opened in 2021

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KAORI opened it's *virtual doors* in 2021

At KAORI, we believe that every brand has a story to tell, and our mission is to help them tell it in a meaningful way. Founded by serial entrepreneur Denise Cohen, we bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to branding and digital marketing. What sets us apart is our commitment to helping small businesses achieve big-brand results without breaking the bank. We work with you to create a set-rate budget that works for your business and ensures you get the maximum return on investment.


Celebrating our evolution and achievements

From our humble beginnings, KAORI has become a leading marketing agency, transforming businesses from the USA and Canada, to Sweden and Singapore. Our focus has always been on helping clients reach their desired audience, make their brand stand out and grow their business. Our proven track record of success is down to our ability to create unique and effective marketing strategies tailor-made for each client we work with. Our team is made up of talented experts, who tirelessly work to execute successful campaigns and ensure that our clients get the best ROI for their investment.


Exploring New Horizons with Bigger Impact

At KAORI, we are dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their goals through innovative marketing strategies that empower them with resources and connections. Our vision is to create a revolutionary society that reshapes the traditional landscape of marketing by focusing on creating meaningful experiences that stand for humanity. We believe in forming long-term partnerships with our clients to deliver tangible marketing success. We are proud to help small businesses grow, be inspired and scale through our tailored approach to simplifying marketing.

Your passion speaks volumes.

We will give you the best virtual partnership you have ever experienced.

Our clients are the kind of people that read and reread the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, study the Rich Dad cashflow quadrant, and use their passions to crack the code of financial freedom. 


At KAORI, we are passionate about creating experiences that resonate with audiences and build strong relationships between brands and consumers.


Our approach is based on creativity, strategy, and cutting-edge technology. Working with small businesses to help them excel in the digital space is our driving force, and we work tirelessly to deliver big results that exceed expectations.


From branding and design to social media and SEO, we are here to help you achieve success.

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Discover the exceptional features that set us apart from the competition. Our approach to sleek, professional, appealing, and trustworthy small business marketing ensures your success.


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Meet Denise, CEO of KAORI

"Let's create a competitive experience together."

Say hello to the team behind KAORI, the marketing agency that strives to exceed expectations with every project. Our CEO, Denise Cohen, has collaborated with big names like Tabitha Brown and Zerina Akers, and brings her drive for success to every campaign. Get to know the skilled professionals who make KAORI a leading agency.

Top 1% Expert-Vetted Agency on Upwork

Our portfolio 
will show you how well we do what we do.

You know how the Starbucks logo has that coffee princess on it? If you don't - that's okay, we barely remembered it either. That's because branding is so much more than a logo. It's your company's promise to your audience. It includes the customer experience, the way you engage on social media, how friendly your website is for users, and so much more. Overwhelmed? Don't be. KAORI is here to design your business logo, your rebrand, and whatever else you need. Check out our portfolio below.

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